Continuing the Wedding Cupcake Trials – part 1

A Chocolate Graham Cracker Cupcake.

Finished result (regular sized and mini)

 So we started the afternoon off trying this s’mores inspired cupcake. The cupcake starts with a thin graham cracker crust at the bottom of the liner then bittersweet finely chopped chocolate is sprinkled. This bakes until the crust is golden brown. Then the chocolate cake batter goes on top with a sprinkle of the graham cracker mixture and also of the chopped bittersweet chocolate.

Here's the cupcake after it's baked.

Then the frosting is a lot like a marshmallow. Not as sticky, but exact same flavor. 

The frosted cupcakes pre "toasting"

And then finally, as we did not have butane for our kitchen torch, we used the broiler in the oven to “toast” the frosting. They turned out so good!


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