Mocha Mania

In case you don’t know this about me, I have become addicted to coffee beverages in the past 6+ months. In no particular order, my favorites (and you can feel free to gift them to me at any time) are:

-Greenberry’s Mocha Mint (mint and chocolate combinations will get me every time, and I about fell out of my seat the first time I drank this and then thought about it non-stop after. It’s seriously A.MA.ZING.)

-Caribou’s Northern Lite Iced Mocha with Dark Chocolate (seriously I think this drink has magical powers — like the coffee is still warm in the bottom where the ice hasn’t quite cooled it yet, the real melted Guittard chocolate isn’t fully mixed in and streaks the cup…ahhhh….yummm. Even the ice is good! Once the drink is gone, the thin pieces of ice are delicious. Love love love.)

-Starbucks’ Mocha Coconut Light Frappuccino (I’ve never fully been on the coconut wagon — I like it when it comes to coconut shrimp or chicken, coconut macaroons, and…well I think that’s it. It’s not a flavor thing as much as it is a texture/chewy thing.) When Starbucks had the unveiling of their new frappuccinos and did the 1/2 price happy hour thing, my coworker Lisa and I decided to give this drink a try because, let’s face it, they just LOOK yummy…the chocolate syrup squiggle on top, the toasted coconut flakes – it’s unreal. One sip and we were both hooked, which is extra funny because neither of us ever placed any importance on coffee in our lives, and now we have to ration our trips out through the week so we don’t go overboard. Since then, it has been our go-to Starbucks drink. This drink, and the connection Lisa and I share with it, is the inspiration of today’s treat as it is for Lisa’s birthday!! Special thanks to Laura for hooking me up with the recipe that led to what may very well be my new favorite cupcake!  Happy Birthday Lisa, and may we have many many more of our special bonding trips to Starbucks 🙂 xoxo

Mocha Coconut Cupcake


5 thoughts on “Mocha Mania

  1. lg

    mmm….yum! Just so you know, some creepy guy on the elevator this morning said you had very nice presentation with them. I think he was hoping I would give him one. I did not.

      1. lg

        I’ve had other run ins with him in the elevator. Always creepy. But always appreciative of the baked goods.

  2. Jenn Kuhar

    I love coffee, and Starbucks, but I’m not a fan of coconut. I have never tried the Mocha Coconut Frap, so because of your blog, I just may have to!! 🙂 Thanks!

    1. brittanyjeanallen Post author

      Ooh Jenn, you MUST try it! In my opinion you don’t have to love coconut to really enjoy the drink. The first sip, no matter how many times I drink is, always surprises me a little because I forget what to expect. But the combination of mocha and coconut makes for a really like and refreshing flavor combo — it’s like summer vacation in a drink. =) Let me know asap what you think if you try one!


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