♪ ♫I’m..dreaming of a white….Halloween….♪ ♫ ???

I can’t believe that only day after posting about the joys of fall and the great colors, that I’m going to post a picture like this:

I won’t say it wasn’t fun to see it snowing yesterday as nothing excites me more than the first snow of the year, but holy smokes, talk about unexpected!

I loved the juxtaposition of fall foliage with snow. Crazy! I think the weather folks said that DC hasn’t seen snow in October since 1979.

Despite the crazy weather, it has been a super busy weekend. Yesterday morning was a special Saturday rehearsal for the Living Christmas Tree  and my contribution to our breakfast potluck was pumpkin cinnamon rolls! Super tasty, not too time consuming or overwhelming for the first time of making from-scratch cinnamon rolls. I modified this King Arthur recipe a little to suit what I had, and to make the glaze more pumpkin-y. I really really liked them and will definitely be making them for my family during Thanksgiving.

And then today, a treat of pumpkin spice latte cupcakes for my friends Katherine and Chris to celebrate their new home! 🙂


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