Hungry for The Hunger Games

So I literally just finished reading the first book in the series of the Hunger Games only 2 days before the opening movie day. Some friends invited me to a big group outing and while I originally had no interest in this whole craze, their excitement over the past few weeks piqued my interest enough to want to pick up the book and then 2 nights later (including 2+ hours reading on the stairclimber at the gym and staying up way past my bedtime then considering taking a sick day just to lay at home and finish) I am totally addicted as well.

Long before I read the book I decided I wanted to come up with creative goodie bags for the group themed around the book. I did a lot of Internet searches to see what foods I could use to inspire me. I loved reading the book after I’d bought everything and seeing all the elements unfold before me. So, enough explaining, just enjoy how cute they turned out!!






The contents of the bags are:
-whole grain pita “Peeta” chips
-mini peanut butter cups (for Buttercup the cat)
-cornucopia (Bugles)
-fish (Goldfish crackers)
-apple (apple chips)
-candy-coated “coal” (pretzel M&M’s)
-rabbit (bunny cookies)

Let me know if you make something for the Hunger Games! Let the games begin!


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