Easter 2013

Well, this is a few weeks late but time has been flying! I really love Easter and the little traditions that have formed since moving to DC 6 1/2 years ago (wow, time REALLY flies!).

Tradition #1: Sunrise service at Arlington National Cemetery
I absolutely love this part of the day. Of Easter events in DC, this one is never overcrowded and unmanageable. It is peaceful and perfect. There is nothing quite as wonderful as celebrating eternal life surrounded by so many of our nation’s heroes. It always gives me chills.

Tradition #2: Trip to get coffee post sunrise service. This is a must!

Tradition #3: A mid-morning nap which also serves as a time to warm back up under the cozy covers because Easter sunrise service in DC is generally 30-40 degrees and leaves one in a little bit of a popsicle state. Brrr!

Tradition #4: A mad scurry to finish all of the baking and making for Easter dinner (see #5) and inevitably making a game time decision to add more to the menu.

Tradition #5: Easter dinner! We usually have a big group of friends over around 2 dinner. We start with appetizers while the ham is still baking and then transition to dinner at about 3. We usually make the ham, an appetizer, and one (or more…..) desserts, then everyone else brings a dish (and/or the traditional Easter dinner sangria in the case of one couple who always comes). It is such a great time to celebrate with our great friends who are like family to us.

Here are a bunch of pictures from the day! We made Biscoff Cream Eggs and the usual Martha Stewart carrot cake with orange ginger cream cheese frosting and candied carrots on top. Then a game time decision was made to run to the store an hour before our guests arrived to get the ingredients to make bacon jam. The ham we made was a bourbon brown sugar recipe. And our friends brought broccoli salad, potatoes, we had homemade flatbreads with butternut squash, blue cheese and candied walnuts on top, then rolls, caesar salad, green bean casserole, and sangria!
















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