Paleo challenge: Day 2

I definitely found that today was already more difficult. It’s funny how instinctual it is to want to turn to food or drink when emotions or moods shift throughout the day. I have definitely turned certain things into rewards for myself. Like “congrats to myself on getting out of bed at 4:45 to get to work early…time for an iced mocha!” or…”rough day, lots of stress, I definitely deserve a trip to get froyo”. Anyways, today definitely had moments of great frustration when I couldn’t have a “reward”.

I easily managed to turn down ice cream cake at work for a coworker’s birthday, and then at bible study tonight there were several tasty looking sweet treats that I managed to ignore. Very excited for myself. Hopefully it continues to be as easy.

One thing I REALLY wanted today was coffee…and with that I wanted half and half and a couple raw sugar packets. But I resisted! I have had a nasty headache all day which I assume is from lack of caffeine. The effort I made at a paleo mocha frappucino this morning was pretty nasty. The honey is what did it in I think. I had to hunt down green tea this afternoon and sweeten it with some honey. That was ok. Maybe as the weeks go on my taste buds will adapt to some of these substitutes, but right now I am not quite on board.

I also had to have a small bit of dark chocolate (no dairy and was naturally sweetened) this afternoon because I was getting shaky and lightheaded feeling. Not sure if it is the lack of sugar, or that I am not eating enough, but hopefully I will figure it out. The chocolate and 2 big glasses of water had me feeling more human in a short amount of time. I hit the gym for an hour after work and got some great cardio in and then home and off to bible study. Then I ate dinner quick when I got home and now am headed to bed. Last night I was so hungry as I fell asleep and woke up hungry this morning. Tonight I feel content, but borderline hungry, even though I just ate dinner 45 minutes ago. I need to figure out how to eat more often maybe?? These 6 weeks will be trial and error!

Here’s what I ate:

-same as yesterday– eggs with peppers and onions and turkey sausage.

Morning Snack
-I got too busy at work for much of a snack and then I met a friend for lunch a little before noon so the first part of the day flew by before I knew it.

-went to Corner Bakery to meet a friend for lunch and found a salad that I could work with. I didn’t eat the apple slices or currants, but I ate the lettuce, chicken, and walnuts.

Afternoon Snack
-pepitas! I love pumpkin seeds 🙂
-iced green tea with honey
-oh yeah, and a little chocolate

-spaghetti squash with tomato sauce and ground turkey
-chocolate chip cookies
Here is the recipe – they were awesome. Okay…so I did still find a way to reward myself with food…






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