Paleo Challenge: Day 4

I thought I liked honey. But I don’t think I do anymore. Or at least not for now.

Today was mostly fine. I made myself snack on veggie chips at 10am which was not appealing sounding but effective. I had another crash time around 2:45 where I was shaky and sweating. No bueno. Fueled up on a snack which included going against the challenge slightly, but not paleo, in that I had a Lara Bar which includes dates as the main binding substance. So I had some dates. Which means I had fruit. I can’t feel bad because it IS in keeping with paleo. And my body thanked me.

I got home, ran the mile to the gym, did 2 miles at the gym, then Zumba, and then back home. Still battling feeling generally weak and woozy.

Here’s what I ate:

-same! (Can’t wait to figure out what to have next week to change it up a little.)
-I made a smaller glass of my iced “americano” this morning so there was less space in the glass to feel compelled to fill with almond milk. It was better. I made through about 2/3 before I stopped liking it.
-Proud of myself for totally ignoring all the yummy bagels and cream cheese and the half and half at the coffee station at the breakfast presentation I went to this morning. Just pretended to enjoy my coffee concoction.

Morning Snack
-baked veggie chips

-another temptation avoidance! Thursdays at work are “lunch n’learn” days where a rep of a product will come and present what’s new, or someone in the industry who we work with or might want to work with, and they bring lunch and present for an hour. Usually I love these days cause they are a treat from my normal lunches. Luckily the lunch today was from Panera and the person who organizes our lunches was able to request a salad for me. In an attempt to be nice she said the request was for vegan, which was mostly good since it’d avoid things I’m trying to not eat, but it meant I didn’t get any meat! Agh! No wonder I felt like crud a few hours later.

Afternoon Snack
-the remaining 4 buffalo chicken nuggets from yesterday’s lunch
-coconut Lara Bar

-chicken pot pie from here
It was really really good but seemed so rich. Probably the nut flour. I’m just not used to this switch in what is okay and not ok. Usually I try to avoid a lot of oil, but now I shouldn’t! It feels decadent to use nut flour in recipes. I know nuts should be kept at a minimum if fat loss is the goal so I am trying to keep that in mind.
-tried a new “sweet” treat (ugh, I am having a hard time breaking the habit of wanting SOME sort of chocolate after dinner. I mean, I am managing to survive other times I’d normally crave sweets during the daytime, but I haven’t managed the post-dinner one yet.) Anyways, found this brownie recipe which is nut flour free…it was alright…the concept was great, but I just couldn’t handle the honey aftertaste. It was so strong! I found myself trying to chew and swallow in such a manner that it didnt touch my tongue on the way to my throat. Maybe that is a sign that it’s time to stop eating something when you are trying to not even taste it, haha. Reminds me of the crappucino. I tried to swallow and not taste by positing my straw sideways in my mouth. That was also unsuccessful. And most certainly ridiculous looking. Alas, despite some vigorous teeth and mouth brushing with toothpaste, my mouth and throat have an odd honey aura. :/ I am not liking honey much this week…

Here are some pics from the day









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