Paleo Challenge: Day 5

I have been dragging all week and today was no different. I found it hard to focus all day. But somehow as the end of the day approached I almost wasn’t ready to go home…Friday is usually exciting because it’s a night to come home, relax, catch up on some OnDemand TV shows from the week and have something for dinner that is a little more “fun”. Usually pizza, and usually a normal sized serving of a healthy pizza. It’s not like it’s time to go crazy, but it’s still always something to look forward to. Then I always love Saturday and Sunday trips to get an iced skim mocha from my favorite coffee shop that is never open as early as I drive to work. And then who knows what else I eat on a normal weekend, just depends on the plans. Again, it’s never a “no rules, get crazy” mentality, but I just don’t plan it out like I do the weekdays. But today I had this sad and dreadful feeling that I didn’t know how I would survive the weekend without needing lots of distractions. And that I would really need to plan out how and when to accommodate paleo foods into the days. For instance, I need to get up and run 9 miles tomorrow morning. Considering I find myself very low on energy these past few days, I have no clue how I’ll feel on a run like that. Or what to eat beforehand to sustain me. We’ll see how that goes!

Here’s what I ate:
-tried a coffee variation again. Still not right. Didn’t drink much of it.
-I finished the turkey sausages yesterday so it was just eggs again today.

Morning Snack
-some almonds

-seriously, I don’t usually have so many odd lunch situations as I have this week! But today I had planned to go to lunch with a few coworkers to celebrate a birthday of one of them. We went to PF Changs and I had a steamed chicken and broccoli dish. And a salad with no dressing. It was all okay. Kinda tired of steamed meat and vegetables.

Afternoon Snack
-actually I don’t think I had one…hmm…things got busy.
-I avoided an ice cream party at work today as the last day of “green week” (our office provides a week of educational and continuing education opportunities focused on sustainability and green efforts in design and architecture that are offered to us in the office but also anyone in the design and architecture community, our clients, other firms, etc. so each day is quite the event and has quite a good spread relevant to the time of day it is. I survived the week and never indulged. Yay me!

-chicken pot pie, same as last night.
-a whole bowl of green beans

Oh yeah, while dinner was warming up, I sliced up a lot of veggies to try making some new veggie chips. It didnt go well. I totally burned the first sheet and then the 2nd sheet was not crispy at all. I decided I’d rather try again tomorrow as I was much too tired to keep trying.







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