Paleo Challenge: Day 6

So I survived a weekend day. I had a little bit of cheat time tonight because we long ago made plans and reservations for a cookies and wine pairing night followed by dinner at a Thai place in DC that takes like a month to get a reservation at and the chef just serves what he feels like cooking for the night. The only real cheats of the day were the tiny cookies. Wine is fruit so that is paleo. And I had a little mango at dessert which is also ok. I feel like I still had a paleo day so I am not feeling guilty.

I started the day with a long run. I was sooooo tired last night. Could hardly keep my eyes open at 9, fell asleep before 10, and finally woke up at 8 and somehow found the motivation to go on my run. I got out of bed and felt a little woozy, had some nuts and banana chips and coconut flakes, a good bit of water, and then headed out the door. I ran a mile to meet a friend then we did about 3ish miles, then I ran another couple before finishing at the gym and doing a weight workout. I actually felt pretty good by that point. The run started slow but I found some energy to push through.

After that I grabbed breakfast with a friend who is also doing the paleo challenge and we had eggs, bacon, and shared a side of turkey sausage. The little restaurant we went to is one of our favorites! Busboys and Poets. They have awesome varieties of good that range from vegan and vegetarian to grass-fed meats and organic produce. So it was a good choice for paleo eating.

After the late breakfast we both hit a wall. Sooooo tired. Like barely functioning kind of tired. I almost decided to call it a day and take a nap. But we changed course and hit Starbucks for and iced green tea with lime and mint. Super yummy and much needed caffeine. Probably had sugars in it that weren’t paleo but whatever, it needed to happen. Then some new shoes were bought, menu planning for next week and grocery shopping was completed, and then soon enough it was time to head downtown for our Living Social wine and cookie night!

Here’s what I ate:

Early morning snack
-almonds, banana chips, coconut flakes

-2 eggs scrambled, bacon, turkey sausage

Morning snack

-guess I skipped this while being out but I did have the green tea. No wonder it didn’t take much wine for me to start slouching into chair..

-not sure what everything was, but I had some papaya salad and curried acorn (or some other similar kind) squash. Skipped the pork and fish. Had some mango from the dessert.

Tomorrow I have a long day ahead of me and will be out of the house for a lot of it. Not sure how eating will work out…














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