Paleo Challenge: Day 9

Today felt the easiest yet. No crazy cravings, no 3pm sweat-fest, no headaches, and not too sleepy. I have a feeling that tomorrow will be a different story. It is 11pm and I need to be up at 4:30. Sigh. Icing my shoulder while making this post so this is the only reason I am awake and blogging! I had a killer workout tonight and my shoulder (that I have rested for 2 months now after developing a nasty case of tendonitis back in February) is really feeling tonight’s “Death by Kettlebell” workout. We started the clock at 00:00 and each minute we did one more Kettlebell snatch (alternating sides each minute). So in minute 1 we did 1 snatch and rested the remainder of the minute. When the clock hit 01:00 we switched to the other arm and did 2 snatches. It starts slow but by 19:00 we were doing 20, your hands are getting blisters, grip is getting tired just holding the Kettlebell and by the time 20 snatches are finished and you set it down you can barely catch your breath with the 15 remaining seconds until the next minute strikes. I am proud to say I outlasted everyone by a set and part of the next. So I did 23 sets and 15 of the 24th. That is like 288 snatches I think. I walked to the gym, ran 2 miles at faster than a race pace, then could BARELY walk home after. We also did 16 rounds of tabata abs doing medicine ball twists while balancing seated in a V shape. Can’t wait to see how I feel tomorrow!

Got home to toss the spaghetti squash in the oven to bake for dinner and started making these mini ombré style cakes for a coworker’s baby shower that I am helping to throw on Thursday. I will be our till late tomorrow night so tonight was the only option. I’ll give a sneak peek and make a real post after the shower.

Here’s what I ate:

-same as yesterday — the acorn squash with almond butter, flaxseed meal, cinnamon, and a dash of maple syrup.
-coffee with almond milk (I love iced coffee but I guess it tastes better paleo-fied as hot)

-sweet potato “muffin” (this is essentially a little sweet potato purée, egg whites, and a few spices — kinda tastes like a very bland filling of a pumpkin pie) I’ll post this recipe later

-same salad as yesterday

-Cashew Lara Bar

-spaghetti squash with ground turkey in tomato basil sauce. Even got to use one of my basil cubes!

Here are some pics from the day











2 thoughts on “Paleo Challenge: Day 9

  1. Amy

    Ugh, I hate KB snatches…how bruised was your arm? Yeah, I know it isn’t SUPPOSED to get black & blue, but still. I wish FL had as many squash options as VA…I need to figure out something for the morning, but we don’t really have fresh acorn squash.

    1. brittanyjeanallen Post author

      Lol, my arm wasn’t too bad, but super sore. I probably could’ve made it to 25 but my little hands were so tired of gripping the handle! Sorry about your low squash population in FL! I know they are getting much more scarce ere now that summer is approaching. Have had to hunt several stores for spaghetti squash and at least 2 for acorn squash. Whole Foods usually has them. Have you had any killer workouts recently?


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