Paleo Challenge: Day 10

Double digits!!!! Day10! woo! Today was a rough day, but that was due to little sleep and a super busy work day. I didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast or a snack, so it was just lunch for me today. Same salad with all the toppings as I’ve had the past couple days. Still super tasty. Luckily for me, I don’t mind redundant meals! Went to the gym after work but didn’t get there in time to get a workout in, so my gym time tonight consisted of 2 hours of our gym happy hour with my Stella and Dot table all set up and having a good time mingling with lots of fun folks! And having wine. Which is not the best idea when all you had is a salad all day….haha! Great night, great people, AND I got to make and share a special treat — Paleo Energy Balls! I was super excited to make these and get some reactions on them. And I never turn down a chance to make the presentation a little something extra special either. I will post the recipe tomorrow. For now, bed time!








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