Paleo Challenge: Day 11

If I thought yesterday was a long day, today was the same if not more so. Another crazy busy day at work meant not getting up to take the time to make food so while I ate paleo. The baby shower for my coworker was “after work” which meant it ended up being a nice break before I went back to my desk to work till 8. But hey, at least the sky was still a little light so I didn’t feel like I never saw the sun today. My baby shower cakes were a huge hit, as was the nacho bar idea I had, and the margaritas! (It was an adoption shower so alcohol was totally appropriate). I easily avoided all of the food and just enjoyed the hour away from my desk. Then luckily dinner was waiting for me when I got home. God bless! I don’t know what I would’ve done otherwise. Probably just skip dinner and go to bed.

Here’s what I ate:

-3/4 of a quickly over-ripening banana. The last bit was too brown for me to want to eat.

I had full intentions of having my real breakfast and then a snack but I ended up in a meeting from 8-10:45 and then next thing I knew it was time for our Thursday weekly lunch n’ learn.

I requested a salad today if possible and my wish was granted. A salad for
Panera with chicken and balsamic. Pretty good.

-after getting back to my desk after 6pm I was starving and had some almonds.

-dinner was awesome! I will track down the recipes and post them, but we had turkey hot digs, coleslaw, and a variation on cornbread that was really good. It all tasted amazing. Just the comfort food I needed!







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