Paleo Challenge: Day 12

What a week it has been! I could barely function today after another night of little sleep. I managed to get to work at 5am as planned. I did, however, allow myself enjoyable coffee, which means….prepare yourselves…I had 2 raw sugars and a little half and half. You don’t understand!!! I needed coffee and I needed it to taste good!! It was so worth it. Such a rough day. But finally, the weekend is here. No rest for the weary as I have a super full weekend schedule including a last minute decision to run a half marathon. We’ll see how that goes! I am not as prepared as I’d want to be but hopefully all my other cardio work will count for something.

About to get some shut eye for *fingers crossed* a full 8 hours!

Here’s what I ate:
non-paleo delicious iced coffee
-the acorn squash with almond butter deal
-2 small turkey sausages

-a rep took us to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and I had the Skinnyliscious Chopped Salad (without corn or blue cheese) — it was pretty tasty! It had green apples, avocado, tomatoes, bacon, and chicken.

-same as last night (turkey hot dogs, paleo slaw, and a paleo “corn”bread.

Went to the gym for tabata on the parking garage rooftop again and had a blast. Definitely feeling all the push-ups and burpees in my bad shoulder but hopefully I don’t get too sore in general. Want to be feeling good for race day in Sunday!



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