Paleo Challenge: Day 13

Today was another busy day! Woke up early to do a community service effort called Rebuilding Together Alexandria — the goal of the organization is to help people fix their homes that are in various states of disrepair so that they can continue to live in them. 100’s of people spread out in teams around town to spend the day working in these selected homes. Such a great ministry and day of serving. After that I was off to spend the afternoon at the Nationals baseball game which was a lot of fun. First time to a game in all my time living in DC and it was a perfect spring day to be outside with friends. After that it was off to a party and then home to rest for the big race day tomorrow! Eeee! Nervous as usual before a race.

Here’s what I ate:

On my way to the house for volunteering I ate an apple pie Lara Bar. Very tasty.

So I sorta had a 70-30 day today….I had these awesome chicken tacos at the baseball stadium. They were definitely paleo until you take into account the tiny almost insignificant corn tortilla that was wrapped around them.

Usually before a race I’ll have pasta and a smidge of tomato sauce but tonight I had a piece of grilled chicken and some baked sweet potatoes with some ketchup that is paleo friendly (ignore the fact that the pile of ketchup on my plate is so large…I just love it!)








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