Paleo Challenge: Day 14

Two weeks down! Woo! I definitely feel good. Such a change from even a week ago when I was still sluggish and headachy and all that fun stuff. But at the 2 week mark I was feeling good enough to pull out a pretty decent half marathon time! Especially with very minimal training. I took up a last minute offer of an unused bib of a friend of a friend so it seemed like a good chance to kick myself into gear for the 5 weeks left until my next half — the Virginia Wine Half Marathon. Today’s race was awesome — it was the DC Nike Women’s Half. It was the first time they have done it in DC and it is quite the event! Expensive and also hard to get into so I certainly lucked out with my last minute opportunity! There were 15,000 women (well a few men too but very very few) and the vibe was so fun! Lots of great course entertainment. The crowd was great. So many funny signs. Of few of my faves were a guy holding a sign that said “15,000 women? This is better than!”, another guy with a sign saying “way to go ladies! i’m single and supportive”, two girls had a sign that said “we know it’s long and hard, but since when is that a bad thing?” (Hahaha), and so many other great and creative ones. I think the main draw to the race is that the finishers medal is actually a silver Tiffany’s necklace with a charm. Guys in tuxes hand them out to you when you cross the red carpet finish line. The Expo the few days before was something I’m sad I missed! Apparently there were makeup and hair stations, custom fitting booths for various apparel, and lots more. I definitely want to consider getting in the lottery for a spot next year!

Here’s what I ate:

I didn’t feel like chancing a new type of pre-race breakfast so early in the morning so I just went without. Had a little water. The race started at 7 so I was out the door at 6am.

-broccoli and bacon quiche. I was way too tired to make anything and this seemed like the best option at the coffee shop. Hey, at least I didn’t eat the crust!

-maple mustard chicken (loved it so much last week that it was time for a repeat!) with green beans and mashed cauliflower with caramelized onions and bacon. Yum!

So ready for bed now!











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