Paleo Challenge: Day 16

Now that I have finished dinner, I have to say, I am getting tired of eating meat! 3 meals a day with meat is daunting. Maybe it is just more tiresome to me because I don’t eat anything other than poultry and the occasional bacon. If I ate beef and fish it might be more interesting. I just never ate much more than 2-3 servings of meat total in a week before this, now I am eating about 8 times more than that!

It was a super busy day at work today so I didn’t have time for much in the way of snacks and I probably would’ve skipped lunch had a coworker not convinced me to take a break to go to the kitchen to put our lunches together after a meeting (at like 1:30 which is late for me).

No workouts tonight — I went to a cooking class that a rep through work out together for some designers from firms close by to come to. It was fun to make the food, I just made sure to leave right before the time came to sit down and eat it 🙂

Here’s what I ate today:
Same as yesterday

Same as yesterday

Spaghetti squash with ground turkey in tomato basil sauce







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