Paleo Challenge: Day 15

Aaaaand I fell asleep before making last night’s post. Still so tired from last week and the weekend. I feel like I’ll probably be catching up all week still.

Not too much excitement yesterday. Realized how much I want to snack when I’m fighting trying to stay awake at work! It felt like a long day. I managed to make it to the gym last night for what I hoped would be a yoga class that was kind to my poor sore little legs, but alas, it was like quad city! We were holding lunge after lunge with arms in the air and the thigh of the bent leg parallel to the ground…and holding it more and more and then twisting and lunging deeper and holding it longer. Agh! I really just wanted to lay in the corner and take a nap.

My food was definitely not exciting yesterday since I am again repeating most of last week

Here’s what I ate:

-acorn squash with almond butter, flaxseed meal, and cinnamon
-coffee with almond milk (bleh)


-salad with hardboiled egg, chicken, bacon, and carrots

-Lara Bar (tried the cappucino one today — pretty good once I got into it)
photo 1

photo 2

-a few pepitas

-maple mustard chicken with broccoli and the mashed cauliflower with caramelized onions and bacon

This is the week we’re allowed to have 2 servings of fruit so I’m trying to actually make myself eat some more but I’m realizing that already today I have a Lara Bar packed for a snack and no other fruit. I am going to a cooking class tonight that a carpet rep arranged for us to do so I’m sure I’ll have wine at that. So there, 2nd serving of fruit 🙂


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