Paleo Challenge: Day 17

Today was a big day at work and I think it’s going to keep getting busier. I was out of the office for a good part of the day and while trying to get some stuff done this morning in the short time I was there, I sorta skipped making breakfast and just grabbed a Lara Bar from my file drawer stash. Today’s flavor was Banana Bread — I really liked it! A great flavor. Then I didn’t end up eating lunch until after I got back which was 2:30. I just threw together a few things as I had another meeting to be in at 3 and just didn’t feel motivated to out much effort into it. I also grabbed a mocha (so yeah it had chocolate in it, but it had almond milk too!). Then I got home and walked to the gym for rooftop tabata again which was fun but exhausting. As I walked back home I couldn’t help but think how much I wanted to skip dinner and just go to bed, but by the time I finished my shower I was pretty hungry. I think I am just starting to really lack an appetite for this type of food. Like meat doesn’t sound appealing! I just want other flavors and textures! With 3 1/2 weeks to go I might need to figure out what needs to happen. I’m struggling. This weekend has a cheat day allowed on our schedule so that should be interesting. Already trying to think about what to eat. I definitely miss cheese!

Here’s what I ate:
Banana Bread Lara Bar

-carrots with guacamole
-2 eggs
-some grilled chicken that was meant for the salad I didn’t feel like making (save with the eggs)

Afternoon Snacj
-almond milk mocha

Spaghetti squash with ground turkey in tomato sauce







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