Paleo Challenge: Day 18

Sooo glad tomorrow is finally Friday! I just need a semi-relaxing weekend! And sleep. Then perhaps I will be more human.

After a meeting at work put me near home around 3 I decided to just call it a day and not go back to the office. By the time I would’ve gotten back it would’ve been time to leave anyways so considering that I’d already worked about 9 hours at that point it just made sense. I stopped at my favorite coffee shop for another iced almond milk mocha and then hit the grocery store to get ingredients to make a quick dessert when I got home. I am headed to a cinco de mayo party on Saturday and want to be a good guest and bring a little treat. So I invented a blondie out of one of my favorite combinations: key lime, white chocolate, and macadamia nut. I made this combo famous in my wedding cupcake invention from 2 years ago –see here.

I’m really excited with how the blondie version turned out. I’ll make a separate post for them tomorrow. I did sneak a bite of one, but can you blame me?!

I also managed to clean up a bunch of stuff around the house and plant a new basil plant. Then have dinner made and cleaned up and be in bed all before 9pm. Woo! (Sad to realize this is the kind of stuff that is exciting, haha).

Here’s what I ate:

-acorn squash with almond butter, flaxseed meal and cinnamon
-a super small cup of coffee with almond milk

-sweet potato chips

-had chicken lettuce wraps

-MOCHA!!!! Mmm 😉

-turkey hot dogs with lots of ketchup (heaven in a squirt bottle)
-broccoli salad with sunflower seeds






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