Paleo Challenge: Day 21

3 weeks complete! Half of the way there! Feels like longer but also feels like it flew by. I guess that is the bonus to being so busy, time speeds along.

Today was another day of barely being home. Spent the last couple hours of the evening pre-dinner prepping for the week’s food. That is the part I hate most, all the prep that is needed to really set yourself up right. I miss being able to grab a plain yogurt and some blueberries and know I have slivered almonds and honey in my file drawer at work. Instead we’re pre-making eggs, hash, meats, veggies, it’s a lot of time and effort. And money. All the grass-fed organic meats really add up to weekly $100 grocery trips. Not a fan of that. But I am down about 5 lbs (fluctuates a little) and 4 inches. Not a ton but I do feel like my clothes fit differently in a better way, so that is good.

Here’s what I ate today:
-I decided that the “cheat day” should be allowed to be considered any consecutive 24 hours. So since I didn’t have my smoothie yesterday until 10:00am I thought I should be allowed to continue the cheats up till then. So I woke up and had some cannoli cake that came from a little bakery in Baltimore’s Little Italy after the show I saw up there last night. And then I had back to back tutoring sessions at Starbucks with different students so I had a Greek yogurt with honey and granola and a venti iced coffee with my usual– 3 raw sugars and a splash of half and half. Such a heavenly morning!

-I didn’t get home till late in the afternoon so I had some veggie chips for lunch. Not so awesome but I was in a crunch for time before going to see a friend perform in a ballet

-the maple mustard chicken seems to be the traditional Sunday/Monday dinner routine now. It’s just so good!!
-some mango for dessert
-oh! And a glass of wine!!! 🙂








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