Paleo Challenge: Day 22

Will I have a post that starts “well today was a slow day!” anytime soon?? I think not. Le sigh…

Another big day at work meant lots of rushing around and lots of time spent out of the office. I did, however, eat very well today!

New recipe we tried/modified yesterday which will be breakfast week: an acorn squash hash. Super tasty! I’ll post the recipe in the next day or so, but it is basically acorn squash, diced onions and peppers and ham, and then garlic powder, salt and pepper. Sautéed in a pan to get some crispy brown goodness, then we pre-baked a big pan of eggs to be able to reheat along with the hash for a yummy breakfast. No gym time tonight as I am feverishly baking for my friend’s wedding this weekend — I am baking all the goods for the dessert bar to feed 150 people. Lots to be done before Saturday!

Here’s what I ate:
-acorn squash hash with eggs
-coffee with almond milk


-I forgot my dressing so I just put some guacamole on my salad that I had packed for a snack — otherwise the salad is the same as usual!

-Pecan Pie Lara Bar

-I was starving in bed last night so we ate double the chicken tonight. Much better feeling 🙂 and lots of broccoli.





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