Paleo Challenge: Day 23

Managed to be in bed before 10 tonight! Score! I had another full evening after work of baking for the wedding this weekend. I enjoyed some company tonight and last night while baking do that made the time fly by. Good news is that I have one frosting to make and then add to the brownie bites, then I am all done! Phew! But that will have to wait until Thursday night as I have a Stella and Dot trunk show to do tomorrow night. Which I also made cupcakes for tonight. I raffled off a “cupcakes and cocktails” party at my gym happy hour a couple weeks ago and can’t wait to put on the party for the winning lady! I am making a red sangria, a white sangria, then I have white chocolate cupcakes with a raspberry buttercream and a chocolate cupcake with a Nutella espresso buttercream. Hoping the girls at the party like them!! Here is the link to my site:

Today was a rough day with some difficult people and I so wanted to comfort myself with food. I did have a drink from Starbucks this afternoon, but otherwise the day was solid paleo

Here’s what I ate:
-eggs with acorn squash hash (and I had some ketchup on the side–yum!)

-veggie chips

-same salad, but with vinaigrette instead of guac today

-raw flax bar…was ok. Kinda rubbery.
-Starbucks 🙂 on the way home from work

-turkey hot dogs with broccoli slaw
-small taste tests of my frostings and brownie (these things can’t be helped!)







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