Paleo Challenge: Day 25

My yucky day trend has continued. I like to think “it’s not me, it’s them” but maybe it’s equal parts everyone. It HAS been raining nonstop for 4 days. And then there is the impending fear of the cicada apocalypse. Aye yi yi…

Finally finished the last of the desserts for my friend’s wedding this weekend. Now I can “relax”. I’ll be glad once it’s all there and set up, but still be worrying that everyone has enough to eat and that they like everything. Fingers crossed!

Made it out of work in time to hit Zumba at the gym. Felt good, haven’t had a chance to workout all week so far!

Here’s what I ate:
-acorn squash and eggs
-coffee with almond milk

-don’t remember…I think I skipped this

-had a lunch n’learn today and had a yummy Fuji apple salad with chicken from Panera. (And a small part of a chocolate chip cookie….by small part I mean I ate it all…in small parts. Ugh, it my mind said no but my body said yes).

-a large dose of self-disgust — cause I cheated with the cookie and all, remember? Ugh.

Post-workout, pre-dinner snack
-some apple slices
-nibbles of my wedding dessert creations for quality control. (Don’t judge!!!)

-hot dog time again, I don’t know what it is, but I’m not tired of these like I am some other foods. I just really wish I had a bun for my dog. Or better yet, a bowl of mac and cheese for my hot dog to be sliced into. Mmmmm
-broccoli slaw






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