Paleo Challenge: Day 28

I keep getting one day behind! Sunday was a great day but my lack of sleep for another week really caught up with me! Late night at the wedding, early wake up for a full day of Mother’s Day plans with my fam (my mom gave us instructions for how to spend the day without her here in DC). Saw The Great Gatsby movie in the morning (which ended at 1pm…almost the end of the day!). Then we went to Silver Diner for lunch. I had not realized that this locally owned chain had made a shift to using a farm to table, locally grown style of food. It was awesome!! Then the rest of the day was a blur of family kitchen time prepping my food for the week along with dinner and dessert for the night.

-Lara Bar

-split an egg white scramble with tomatoes and onions with a side of strawberries, and then quinoa blueberry pancakes with agave syrup and grilled bananas (for the sake of the moment i decided to be on the side of the argument that quinoa is paleo cause it isn’t a grain)
-iced coffee

-my dad made sweet potato gnocchi am a tomato sauce with turkey sausage. So delish!







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