Paleo Challenge: Day 30

Made it to the 30’s now! Wow! While my weight has fluctuated a little day to day, I think I am down a good 5 pounds and have lost several inches total in my measurements. So that is exciting! I do feel much more energetic than I did at the beginning (aside from how tired I am from little sleep) but I can’t say that I think I had less energy overall before I started this. That’s a toss up. I also think the weight and measurement improvement was happening anyways as I’d slacked off on working out at my usual level/frequency for several months and was trying to ramp things up again anyways. But considering that this was a great motivator to be accountable to working out and eating right for 6 weeks, I guess it has still been worth it!

Moving on…my family leaves this morning so last night was our last bit of time together. My dad made us all dinner (and even left us leftovers of his yummy chicken and some roasted veggies). I also made cupcakes for another Stella and Dot trunk show I am doing for a friend tomorrow night. And my one brother baked some awesome Biscoff cookie banana bread last night to take home to my mom (I had a nibble an it was amazing).

Here’s what I ate:
-acorn squash and eggs
-coffee with almond milk


-salad as usual

-apple an veggie chips

-chicken and roast veggies



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