Paleo Challenge: Day 32

Friday!!!!! I have lots of good stuff ahead this weekend including what I hope is some time to sleep! Not really tomorrow as I am getting up early for another long run – hoping for 10 miles or so as my half marathon is 2 weeks away.

Here’s what I ate today:
-acorn squash hash and eggs
-iced Americano 🙂 (just assume I used sugar and half and half….seriously people, 5 hours of sleep again, this was crucial)

-umm…I don’t remember if I had one, I don’t think so

-I made a salad but it tasted sad — the lettuce was pretty limp, so I had an apple and then carrots and guac

-veggie chips

-went to dinner with a friend to a new little eatery called Protein Bar. It’s like healthy fast food, sorta. We ate there and enjoyed catching up. I had a chili burrito — I ate some of the whole wheat burrito but otherwise it was a super salad of kale and other leafy greens with chicken chili (had quinoa in it) and then had a blended drink of almond milk, espresso, and chocolate protein powder. It was a very cool place and there are a lot of other things I want to try later.


Enjoying a great Stella and Dot piece today 🙂



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