Paleo Challenge: Days 31 and 32

What day is it? Friday?

Let’s rewind to what I did the last few days. Wednesday was a whirlwind. Got home from work and tried to go to rooftop tabata at the gym only to realize that it was not happening. Woh woh…at least I had a nice couple mile walk there and back home. It was all for the best though because I was so tired and ended up going to be at 8:30. It wasn’t even fully dark yet outside. Gotta love that!

Wednesday I ate:

-acorn squash hash and eggs
-coffee with almond milk

-Bananas Foster Lara Bar (hadn’t tried this one yet– super yummy)

-salad with chicken, bacon, egg, carrots

-a few veggie chips

-leftover chicken and roasted veggies from my Dad’s cooking the night before. added some green beans to bulk up the leftover veggies. Super duper tasty!

Thursday I ate:
-acorn squash hash with eggs
-coffee (with half and half and a little raw sugar…deal with it! you don’t know my life! hahaha… 🙂


-went to lunch for a coworker’s birthday to PF Chang’s and had chicken and broccoli

-veggie chips

-I had a Stella and Dot trunk show at a friend’s house and she had a great spread of salad with apple, avacado, and a couple other things I can’t remember, and then some chicken. And I had a glass of wine.

— Not going to bed last night until 11:30pm is making today ROUGH! Aye yi yi…I’m telling you now, I already hit Starbucks and am enjoying an iced Americano with half and half and raw sugar. You would not want to be around me if I’d skipped this.


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