Paleo Challenge: Day 33

Yesterday was a day that I wasn’t home from pretty much 7:30am till 7:30pm. I started with a fab run with my running buddy and ended at Buzz for iced coffee drinks and then hitched a ride home with a friend that we planned to meet there. It worked perfectly. And we just managed to miss the rainy day ahead. I had just enough time to shower before heading to a Stella and Dot trunk show I did at a friend’s house. It was awesome!! So exciting to see so many ladies excited about the fabulous pieces and it’s just always fun to hang out and make new friends! Then I ended up spending an enjoyable 4 hours at Caribou Coffee — time flies when you are in good company! Then home for dinner and catching up on a little tv before a decent early bedtime.

Here’s what I ate: (or didn’t, haha)

-had some deli turkey from a sandwich at the party and some almonds — not a lot, I’ll admit, but got so busy making sales and dressing up the ladies that I hardly had time to sit

-at Caribou I had a sparkling fruit juice with tea

-cauliflower pizza with a little cheese, then pepperoni, spinach, and red onion on top
-paleo chocolate chip coconut ice cream sandwiches – amazing!!!!






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