Paleo Challenge: Day 37

Finally managed to get home from work at a decent time to make it to rooftop tabata at the gym tonight! Yay for finally working out this week! Just a little over a week until my next half marathon so while I should sorta start taking it easy, I also want to try to get in any extra cardio and leg time as I can. Even just walking to and from the gym tonight was a couple extra miles that my legs will hopefully appreciate. Going to do a long run again this weekend and then take it easy after that. Nothing that will end in sore muscles like I’m sure I’ll behaving after tonight’s class.

Here’s what I ate today:

-eggs with onions and diced peppers with turkey sausage on the side

-Lara Bar

-cranberry turkey patty with green beans and sweet potatoes

-veggie chips

-hot dog with green beans
-paleo banana chocolate chip cookies

Look at how crazy tall my chocolate mint plant is growing(on the right)





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