Paleo Challenge: Day 39

Yesterday I definitely was paying for the 11pm bedtime 2 nights in a row with 5am wake-ups. Work seems to be getting crazier every day and my life outside work isn’t slowing down either.

Last night I had a tutoring job after work and then got home from that, had dinner, and was in bed by 8! I fell asleep almost instantly, got worked up by a phone call and then was asleep again by 9:30 I think. Up at 6am for a Saturday morning run me totally feeling tired today too, but I’ll update about today later!

Here’s what I ate
-frappucino from Starbucks AND a greek yogurt with granola. Totally not paleo, but I haven’t been feeling good for most of the week and I just felt like y stomach would appreciate yogurt. I definitely think it did. The frappucino was totally a reward to myself for surviving the week and encouraging myself to make it through one more day.


-cranberry turkey burger with green beans and sweet potatoes

-Thai curry seasoned veggies chips

-spaghetti squash with prosciutto and peas


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