June fabulousness!! And a giveaway!

In my 3rd month now of being a stylist for the fabulous boutique jewelry line of Stella and Dot and I have met so many great woman, loved making some extra money, and also can’t get enough of all the great jewelry I have in my possession 🙂

There are awesome awesome awesome June incentives for being a hostess, for signing up to start your own flexible and fabulous business, or just if you want to shop and make use of the great deals!

I’m loving that my blog is getting more and more followers so I want to share the Stella love with you all and do my first ever giveaway! So I have an open show link that y’all can use — make a purchase through this link by Friday, June 7th, and then post a comment to this post to tell me, and on Saturday morning next weekend I’ll pick a winner and send you one of our fabulous wrap bracelets that are so super hot right now for a summer arm party!


Here is the link: http://www.stelladot.com/ts/ow8q5

And don’t forget the gloriousness that are Dot Dollars!!!

I love June already 🙂





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