Don’t listen to your thighs….

…if they tell you to not have a Nutella poptart from one of your favorite coffee shops. It’s just not smart to turn down something that is so wonderful that it’s almost like when you go on a really cool vacation and even though people look at your pictures and say nice things you know they just don’t really understand the extent of the awesome experience you had. You know what I mean? Good. This poptart was like that. You might ooh and ahh at the picture, but you just won’t really understand. 🙂 this was how I started my Friday morning before work. Along with some espresso.

I had a lot of coffee shop time this weekend too! For once my plans were much more low key so I spent a few hours at Buzz yesterday sending some Stella and Dot related emails/Facebook messages, etc which was good. Nice to be productive. I had such a great May and I’m hoping my June is just as great. I love this company! Then I went to a great sushi restaurant with some friends for dinner. Oh and the day started with an 8 mile run with my neighbor Lindsey 🙂

And today I had an awesome little local farm fresh poached egg with local bacon, some frisée, and a little maple butter on an Italian loaf at Northside Social with a mocha while do a little more work. Now kicking back and relaxing with the remainder of my weekend before the work week starts again in full swing.







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