Pool workouts and pizza!

Yesterday was a steamy day and I was out on a job site for much of the afternoon feeling pretty yucky in the humidity so when I got home from work I had an odd and overwhelming urge to go swim! I did a triathlon 2 summers ago and the swimming training was the most traumatic part of it for me but I survived. Still, I don’t take much pleasure in athletic swimming. As a Florida girl I still enjoy the pool as a method of floating around and tanning and for a refreshing dip to cool off before hitting the lounge chair again (or beach towel after a dip in the Gulf). So I don’t know what came over me yesterday but I quickly found where I’d stashed my swim cap and goggles from where they’d been collecting dust these last 2 years, found the sturdiest 2 pieces of bathing suit I could find that would stay (or sorta stay) in place for a vigorous swim, and hit the pool for a 45 minute lap session. It was surprisingly really enjoyable! I felt a little spastic at first, and kept having to dodge the lifeguard of our pool as she vacuumed the bottom and kept letting the cords slither around and into my path. I am definitely thinking that I will go back to making this a routine. Then I had a quick rinse off shower and scurried downtown to DC to have dinner with some friends as we gathered to say goodbye and hang out one last time for quite a while with a friend who is going to New Zealand for work for an undetermined length of time. Overall, a great night! I felt so accomplished!



Oh yeah, and it was a day for rose gold accessories! Really getting into this metal tone and trying to figure out what to best style it with. Here is my necklace and here is my bracelet (these wrapping bracelets are soooo popular right now!)




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