Sweets and treats

I have had a week of treating myself to a lot of things…not really ideal for saving up for upcoming trips, or squeezing into new cute clothes when the treats are food, but hopefully this new week will be one of restraint!

Over the weekend was the wedding of 2 of my dear friends and they have me the honor of making their cupcakes so last week was busy with all the baking. I had a great week of consistent and hard workouts (I think because I was feeling good about myself I was feeling exciting about new wardrobe pieces to kick off summer with and motivate me further).


Styling up a summer strip with a fun new necklace. Saw a great picture on Pinterest of a blue and white stripe paired with an orange bubble necklace and was inspired to recreate! Here is my necklace



Had an awesome double workout on Wednesday — Crossfit at 5am, and outdoor Tabata after work (60 minutes sweating outside in the hot sun sure does work up a good calorie burn!)



So I didn’t pay for this treat, but I sure did take advantage of it…but I was in my new fave bakery (The Bakeshop in Clarendon) getting some cupcakes to take to a Stella and Dot trunk show I did — I dropped my business card in a “win a 1/2 dozen cupcakes” jar (I looooove dropping my cards in anywhere there is something free to win) and I just happened to get a call on Thursday telling me I’d won! Yay! So I swung by after work and picked them up. Sadly I was so so so super sweeted out from just being in the presence of the 100+ cupcakes I was making for 20130624-134638.jpgmy friend’s wedding that I really wasn’t interested in eating them, so I shared 🙂 I did eat the coconut one though and it was super super tasty!




I snapped this awesome pic of a sign at the shop next door. I love where their minds are at!



So I recently discovered the most delightful treats in the frozen dairy case….these people make an awesome gelato…now they put it on a stick and covered it in delicious chocolate. *angels singing*



Oooo! Friday was my first real exploration into colored jeans. These blue/green ones came in the mail Thursday afternoon from JCrew — how convenient that they also match the exact shade of my new nail polish color obsession



After work on Friday I swung by Buzz for a quick coffee and to kill 20 minutes before heading to my plans that would take the rest of the evening. I was dragging so coffee was a great call.



They had the outdoor fountains on that kids like to play in, so I caught a quick pic of this adorable little girl rocking out her bathing suit with cowboy boots


Begin wedding cupcake sequence:

















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