In a sunshine state of mind…

Last weekend I was home in Florida for a quick trip to visit my family, celebrate my niece turning 1 year old, do a Stella & Dot party for my sis in law, and just relax. A little. 🙂

I enjoyed a barefoot run on the beach on Saturday morning followed by free yoga that is offered by a woman on the beach (she accepts donations to cover her costs) and then hit a great beachy coffee shop that has a delicious coconut mocha that I like to enjoy blended.

The rest of the weekend went by in a blur. So sad I won’t be back till Christmas!


Love the view driving home from the aiprort!


My dog Bianca’s Birthday happened to coincide with my arrival 🙂 Can’t believe she’s 9!


Getting to hang out with my niece and dogphew!




There also happened to be a triathlon that morning and the competitors were just about to jump into the ocean for their swim when I was walking up. It was such a windy morning I can’t imagine how tough it would’ve been in the choppy waters!



Delta=Biscoff Cookies —- yum!!!!! AND I had a connecting flight which meant I got them twice! Double yum!


By the time I went to the grocery store after the beach I realized that even though the car key was inside a bag inside another bag while I was on the beach, the super fine sand still manages to get into EVERYTHING! And then stay there.




I tried out this yummy recipe that I’d had my eyes on — it was a huge hit at the Stella and Dot trunk show for my sister-in-law.





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