Kettlebells and milkshakes

What’s better than a milkshake? Especially a low cal one?

That was a trick question. There is nothing better. There are things of equal tastiness. But not better. Obvi.

So after a fun workout with kettlebells that I found online, I swung through the grocery store to pick up a couple items and then tried a new low-guilt milkshake.

Here’s my workout – I did 3 rounds of the 8 exercises. And changed my kettlebells for each exercise based on the heaviest I could handle for 10 reps. It made for a great cardio and strength workout!

And now for dessert!




Oreo Shake

-1 cup of milk (used ‘original’ coconut milk)
-2 small individual serve yogurts, frozen
(I used the Chobani Chocolate Espresso)
-6 tsp Oreo instant pudding

-blend it all together!

-the way I prepared it, one shake (half of the recipe) has about 160 calories






And I’ve been enjoying my super tasty breakfasts this week of plain yogurt, fruit, sliced almonds, and a drizzle of honey.







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