Sunday already?!

The weeks of summer are flying by! And the weekends are definitely not long enough. This weekend was pretty tiring but I accomplished a lot. Started the day on Saturday with a spur of the moment morning run along the Alexandria waterfront. The humidity made it pretty stifling – it has been sooooo hot all week, but I definitely felt better for having a workout out of the way. Then I spent the afternoon at the pool tanning, relaxing, and getting in a mini pool workout. I found some awesome pool workouts a couple weeks ago and have been trying to integrate them into my routine of the week. Now, the workouts are seriously good, but the execution is a little silly. A few of them require a kickboard and now that stores like Target have cleared summer supplies to make space for back-to-school stuff, the pickins’ were a little slim. Sooooo I had to buy a kid’s one. I bought one for a friend too so that I could talk her into joining me for pool workouts in hopes that I’d look a little less ridiculous, but I think maybe it only looks a little funnier 🙂 oh well!

Check them out!








Then today I did a donut making class through Living Social – it took place at their offices in DC and was put on by a DC shop called District Doughnut. This was the first time I have ever fried anything!! Such a fun class! And the donuts were amazing!!!!!







A coworker sent me home with a couple tomatoes on Friday that I have been dying to turn into bruschetta from the moment I saw them. So I diced them up with a little olive oil, salt, pepper, my fresh basil (getting sooooo much use out of it this summer!!!), and garlic. And then had my salad obsession: the watermelon/feta/balsamic.






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