Winter Apple Cider Sangria

I had a little Stella & Dot holiday sample sale and cocktail party at my house on Friday night and wanted a fun and simple cocktail that I could easily toss together in a pitcher and not have to make individual drinks.

-1 bottle pinot Grigio
-1 bottle sparkling apple cider (found this at Trader Joes– if you can’t it, sub ginger ale, sprite, or club soda with a little extra sugar syrup)
-1 cup apple cider
-1-2 tbsp simple syrup
-2 cups fresh cranberries
-1 Bartlett pear, diced with skin on
-1 Gala apple, diced with skin on
-1 Granny Smith apple, diced with skin on
-2-3 sprigs of fresh rosemary

Combine the liquids and mix well, then add in the fruit and rosemary and refrigerate until ready to serve over ice!




3 thoughts on “Winter Apple Cider Sangria

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