New York weekend!!

I needed time to do this post the justice it deserves, so here is a recap of a fabulous weekend trip to NYC a couple weeks ago!


Myself and a few other friends all happened to be hitting the big 3-0 within a couple weeks of each other, and our one friend Andrew was in for a big surprise for his! His sweet wife planned for a big group of us to meet in the Big Apple for the weekend to surprise him, so I took the day off of work on the Friday, several of us planned to get on the same bus from DC, and we hit the road for our 4ish hour trip. Rates at the Double Tree near Times Square were the best we could find and the rooms were super comfy, even if we did have 3 girls squashed into a king size bed for cost saving purposes 🙂 The most exciting part about the Double Tree? Their cookies!! I haven’t had one in YEARS but they were just as delicious as I remembered!


We checked in the hotel where the other 1/2 of our group had arrived earlier in the day and already checked in, then headed out to a pizza place recommended by the concierge to enjoy a giant slice! Ahhh….soooo yummy!



We headed back to the hotel to bundle up further before we trekked off to do the big surprise! Andrew and his wife Kristen were staying at a different hotel, so she planned for us to come up to the room, tell Andrew it was room service when we knocked, and then he’d open the door on our sweet and smiling faces. The surprise was a huge success! But also so funny to watch his face process the confusion into excitement. Have you ever been surprised for a birthday? Do you like surprises?


Then all of headed out in the bitter cold (it was in the teens with violent whipping winds all weekend!) to get to our dinner reservations. I had never been to or even heard of this place but it was AWESOME! Blue Smoke. YUM! They also had hilarious coasters with various quotes on them. Amen, coaster, amen!



The interior was an awesome blend of industrial yet warm and cozy. Perfect for an upscale but not snooty BBQ joint!


Our dinner was amazing, super moist chicken, side of mac and cheese, and then I shared this bacon blue cheese dip with BBQ chips as an app with my friend. Seriously amazing!


Pretty views walking back to the hotel.


My friend Laura and I cut out early on the post-dinner bar crawl because we had plans to get up bright and early and head down to Soho to wait in line for the famous cronut!!! I wish I could say we are the only people in the world who want to go try a cronut, but these suckers have been gaining in popularity for awhile now. Many an article have been written, even Buzzfeed covered them with an “Everything you need to know” article. The article is slightly outdated though in that you can only buy 2 per person.

So we got up early, got in line, and waited. And waited. And waited some more. About an hour and 45 minutes of waiting. And honestly I thought I might come back from NYC without my toes because it was absolutely freezing and standing on the sidewalk trying to walk in place just to keep SOME warmth and circulation to your extremities doesn’t actually help much. The only 2 things that kept us from calling it quits were 1) looking at the other people in line and thinking “if they can do it, we can do it!” and 2) imagining the sweet sweet first bite into a cronut.



Read up on the official Cronuts 101 before you go!


Once you get inside, you wait more.


And more. But you get to watch people make stuff while you pretend you aren’t suffering hypothermia.


Amen. Eyes on the prize, friends.


Also enjoy looking at all of the other amazing treats they offer. Yes, they do offer more than just cronuts.



Sweet victory!! We bought our cronuts!!!


Then as we were about to hurry out we thought, why are we not sitting to eat one of these immediatly?! So we did. And let me tell you, every creamy crunchy sugary flaky bite was worth all 10 of my cold aching toes. If you have a few hours to spare on a trip to NYC then this is absolutely an experience you don’t want to miss!

20140321-073633.jpg 20140321-073645.jpg


Other highlights included The Lion King on Broadway! So incredible!!! A trip to get donuts from The Doughnut Plant, and then stocking up on a week’s worth of bialies. There is truly no more exciting souvenir than a delicious bialy. Yummmmm!!!!!!!












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