Some of my new favorite things!

Some of my favorite things as of late:

Funny and amusing graphic tank tops for working out. Y’all, my workout wardrobe has gotten out of control over the years, especially heavy on expensive tops. Granted, they always far outlast my cheaper impulse bargain buys from places like Target, but it just gets to be a lot either way. But lately I have been stumbling upon lots of great, lightweight, and inexpensive tanks that make me feel great while wearing them, and also make my wallet happy while buying them. See below for a couple glimpses of my new fave: a cupcake and kettlebell Reebok tank 🙂 I got it just in time to wear to a Crossfit fundraiser workout party. It saw me through a great WOD, a yoga class, and then a free sports massage that day 🙂 if only all workouts were followed by free sports massages….then that would be my favorite



The new Stella & Dot summer collection! This winter has been such a long and cold one that I think I am craving summer more than ever! Agh, seriously, I want to live inside every beachy photo shoot! Check it:


I discovered this Heaven-sent blessing last week! Cute jars of edible cookie dough available in the fancy grocery store’s refrigerator case! Bless. I love this stuff. Sure I could make it, and probably more cheaply, but I am a sucker for good packaging and convenience. This is everything you could hope for and more!




We had about 5 days of spring last week/weekend before winter came back with another cold front. But thankfully it was JUST enough time to head out in some new sandals and get a springy pedicure!



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