Favorite things on a late spring Saturday!

Nothing like a beautiful weekend day in the late spring to enjoy some lovely weather, getting a base tan in preparation of the pool opening next weekend for Memorial Day, and finishing a good book! I got a sweet new chair from Target for $16 yesterday so I could lay on my balcony and tan both comfortably and evenly! $16! So good! I actually ordered it online during lunchtime yesterday for in-store pickup on my way home. So easy. Let’s be twins – get yourself one too! here it is in a few color options too


I am also so excited to have wrapped up this great read: A Modern Girl’s Guide to Bible Study. I have been feeling extra convicted as of late to really make routine solo-Bible-study part of my daily life and with that I intend to journal regularly which has never been something I’ve done with any consistency. I would definitely encourage you to read this book whether you’re faithful with your study time or trying to find where to start. There is great perspective, insight, and encouragement for everyone! Plus you’ll never find another author as funny and sincere as Jen Hatmaker. I got to meet her at a women’s conference back in the winter and I just can’t get enough of her. I basically want to be her 🙂 I also highly recommend that you like her on Facebook and check out her blog.


Also a fave thing that I just learned is nearly out of stock for good is this awesome clutch from Stella & Dot! You can search “raffia clutch” and find it right away. Not to mention it’s only $49!


Oh yeah, and post workout today I stopped into Best Buns and grabbed and iced Americano and one of my fave treats – a banana chocolate chip muffin. Agh, seriously, there is no more fave combo in my life than banana and chocolate. It’s my favorite in a milkshake. My favorite cake (as is evidenced that this is my birthday cake flavor EVERY YEAR). Yum!


Yesterday I went to Perfect Pita with some coworkers for lunch and had my favorite salad. Seriously y’all, it’s stupid how much I love this salad. It’s all about the dressing! There is nothing at all revolutionary about this salad at all. I acknowledge that it’s just lettuce, peppers, onions, cucumbers, and feta. Great but not special. It’s the dressing. Magic dressing. Also a peek at my fun summer scarf with elephants on it. Adorable! (Also Stella & Dot)


Now to relax and soak up some more weekend sun! Hope you have a great weekend!


5 thoughts on “Favorite things on a late spring Saturday!

  1. sbwharton

    I think I may need to borrow/get that book and I’m LOVING that scarf (I’m obsessed with navy and white stripes!). You may need to hook me up ; )

    1. brittanyjeanallen Post author

      I am happy to lend the book to you 🙂 message me your address and I can pop it in the mail 🙂 of course it’s also an excellent resource if you decide you want one of your own to keep. And yessssss the scarf has your name on it! It’s lightweight and also nice and large so it makes a perfect sarong too!!


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