Good read: Parables

I have to admit, it took me awhile to get through this book – life has been crazy. But one of the things I’ve loved about reading Parables is that it is really enjoyable in small segments. I’m not usually one to read a book over a long stretch of time and take breaks to read other things, but this is definitely perfect if that’s you’re reading style. I’d compare it best to being like a devotional. And seriously, how great is this cover?! It makes for great reference material whether you are a scholar of the Bible, or just wanting to start a deeper dive into Jesus’ teachings. There is something for everyone in this book. The way MacArthur explains the intentions behind Jesus’ use of parables was so eye-opening. He doesn’t shy away from addressing the controversy about why and how Jesus taught through parables. As MacArthur says, “A parable is an ingeniously simple word picture illuminating a profound spiritual lesson.” A parable always makes a comparison between something commonplace and some truth in the spiritual realm. Jesus did not invent the form, though certainly he mastered it like no one else before or since.

If you find time to read this book, I hope you find it as informative and illuminating as I did!



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