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I donated my birthday

My campaign to raise $5000 for a water project in Africa was such a success over the holidays that I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate my birthday than by donating it! By donating my birthday a few weeks ago I was able to share my heart with coworkers, friends, and family as I gave up any gifts or celebrations and in favor of encouraging them to help me finish the fundraising and reach the goal. And we did it!! I can’t even put words together that would come close to describing how excited I am to have accomplished this goal with the help of my loved ones and some generous strangers. So many feels happening.



So thank you again if you donated, if you prayed, or did anything at all to support the goal! Being able to use my day of birthday celebration to make sure that thousands of people will have a much better chance of living to celebrate theirs is an infinite number of wishes come true for me. Thank you again!

And I strongly encourage you to check out The Water Project website and see all the amazing work they’re doing.