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#whysponsor: Giving hope, one life at a time.

In the last year and a half, child sponsorship has been something I have grown to be so passionate about. I decided to start sponsoring a child in Ghana last year and now nearly 2 years later, I sponsor 3 children around the world. These are real children, in real places, with real needs.

In addition to helping meet the physical needs of the child you sponsor, you also nurture their emotional needs. While it’s not a requirement by any means, there is so much joy to be had from exchanging letters and photos with him or her! I even hope to meet my sponsored child in Guatemala when I am there in October! And of course prayer. Praying for your child, their family, their city, and their country not only connects you deeper to them and helps them, but it’s amazing what a powerful filter it is through which your own personal prayers pass.

I love this quote from a woman in the child sponsorship community about her connection to the child her family sponsors:

“Just because you don’t know someone doesn’t mean you can’t minister to them . . . and just because you’ve never met doesn’t mean the relationship isn’t genuine. These children love their sponsors even though they’ve never met them. I think it’s very symbolic of our relationship with Christ—we love Him even though we can’t see Him.

“What I’ve realized is that it’s really not about money,” Joy said. “For the child, it’s about knowing there’s someone out there who loves them and cares about them . . . even if it’s someone they’ve never met.”

Sponsorship-Uganda-4_Photo-PackSponsorship-Guatemala -2_Photo-Pack

I encourage you to visit World Help’s website and see the children who are available for sponsorship. Invest in a life. By making a small monthly donation, you are saying to this child, their family, and their community, that they are not alone, their needs are not being ignored, they are loved by you and by our Lord, and that there is hope today and hope for tomorrow. Your small monthly donation becomes an investment in a life. I couldn’t say no to that and I hope you won’t be able to either.


Another great read: The Colson Way by Owen Strachan

After reading this book and discovering what a bold life Chuck Colson lived for God in this country and throughout the world, I am ashamed to say I didn’t really know anything about him. But I think that is exactly the intent of this timely and very passionately-written book. Strachan gives the perfect blend of a biography of this dynamic man’s life and actionable guidance about how we (particularly Millennials) can and should carry on his legacy. The book takes the reader through Colson’s incredible life – his childhood, education, the rise and fall of his career, serving his prison sentence, when he came to faith, and the fearless way he lived on mission in the public arena until his final day. Realizing all of the ways in which Chuck Colson’s legacy is still a part of our Christian lives today is such a testament to how far-reaching his voice was. He sought to speak the Gospel in every opportunity – to boldly and courageously spread truth and justice. He knew it was a message for everyone on earth. By striving to bring others along with him whenever possible, we can be thankful that there are many people able to carry the torch he passed along, and this book invites us to take hold as well.