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Florida and Hoopla!

So a big and exciting part of my July was heading down to Florida for a long weekend to go to our Stella & Dot annual conference (which was being held in Orlando this year) and then get to take advantage of being so close to home and went down to spend a couple days in Sarasota with my fam.

Man oh man, thousands of women in one giant room can really get excited about the smallest of things! It’s amazing! Our conference was amazing! The swag bags, the fashion show, the training and coaching….it was all so great. It makes me so excited and I feel so blessed to have found such a great fit with this company. It may be jewelry and accessories (which we all love) but it’s also at the core, a company and a force of women (and a few men) who are committed to creating happiness and opportunity for other women through genuine connections that just happen to form over a bond of something simple like jewelry. I got teary-eyed so many times listening to the powerful stories of all the women who had truly changed their lives by taking the simple step to sign up and try out being a stylist. I just love it.

Here are some pics from Hoopla for your enjoyment ๐Ÿ™‚ lots of great time bonding with my team too!



Goodies and loads of freebies from the new Fall 2014 collection in our swag bags! Plus I earned the flamingo pouch and tote in a spring/summer incentive.



An awesome runway show to see all of the new fall 2014 collection!


Paradise, right? The Marriot World Center in Orlando was an awesome place for our event. I’m sad to say I never made it to the pool, but just looking at this view every day ALMOST as exciting and relaxing.


I loved this quote that our CEO Jessica referenced during a great motivational and insightful talk she did.


Christy Turlington came to talk about a bracelet that we designed in partnership with her to support her organization: Every Mother Counts.


(I love how it’s broken down into such a simple thing — in 3 months a stylist could just have 3 girl’s nights to style and have fun with other women, and at a minimum, would earn $500 in free jewelry and at least $500 cash, and that’s just “working” a few hours — love it!)



My fabulous friend and also my Stella & Dot sponsor! Love her!


Pics with our little team!

I also came back with some big goals for growing my business and am excited to start coaching more people along in the most fun and flexible super part time job ever! I am looking to add 2 people to my team in the month of August so if you or anyone you know wants even just a little more info, let me know! I’d love to share the joy! And signing up here is super easy ๐Ÿ™‚ http://www.stelladot.com/brittanyallen

And then onto the part where I spent time at home with my family! Oh and a little Disney time too!






My niece has excellent taste in jewelry!


This is a picture of a picture, so pardon the quality! But it was a special chance while I was home to get all of my family together including my grandma. As I write thisย 2 weeks later I’m so sad to say that she just passed away a few days ago, which makes this last time I saw her that much more special. Thank you, Lord!


A little view of the yummiest dessert pretzel I had in Norway of Epcot, along with a peek at my new bracelet (the orange one) that supports Every Mother Counts that I mentioned above — and a bracelet that I got as a gift from Stella & Dot for growing my team!


I love this picture, haha, this is the Paris Market Tote from Stella & Dot, and I felt like it needed a photoshoot in France at Epcot. That’s probably as close as it’s going to get to the actual Paris for a while!


Went to this new restaurant (well, new to me) in Sarasota with my family. It was SO tasty!



My wrap was veggies and white bean hummus — it was awesome!


I also couldn’t resist a little photo shoot with my cutest pup in the world — Bianca. She loves going anywhere with the family, so she was happy to hop in my bag in hopes of a trip!


I had SO much fun with my niece Ava – she’s 2 and so full of personality. I love her so much!


Trying on my new fall pendant over neon.


Barely spent any time at Siesta Key, but at least I made it out for a sunset!


Back at the airport and headed to DC after a wonderfulย 6 days!